Overview of the Alice in Wonderland Slot Machine

Alice in Adventureland is a video slot developed by Stockholm’s Fantasma Games, which continues the company’s devotion to fantastical themes. You can probably tell from the title that the company has chosen a recognizable topic to color the action: Lewis Carrol’s Alice and her bizarre adventures. She’s not in Wonderland proper this time, but in a parallel world called Adventureland. The two universes share certain commonalities and overlaps. In addition to wild substitutions, wild multipliers, and free games, this one also has bombs, which occur in certain bonus games.

If we go by the visuals of Alice in Adventureland, we may say that it’s not quite as out there as Wonderland. A misty green valley set against a pink and purple sky serves as the backdrop. Though weapons are strewn about, they are mostly out of sight behind a 5×4 20-payline game panel. The music is quite out there, but in a nice manner, and while the visuals aren’t as detailed as they may be in a Fantasma game, the atmosphere is pleasant enough to make you want to see where the rabbit hole leads.

It delves very deeply, taking players from the standard game to the bonus spins and beyond to an additional Adventure Spin if they make it that far. When two or more identical symbols appear on any of the 20 fixed paylines, a win is awarded. This contributes to a theoretical RTP of 96.26%, which increases to 96.3% with the use of purchased free spins. Alice in Adventureland is a medium to high volatility slot that can be played on any device with bets ranging from 20 pence to £/€80.

There are nine standard pay symbols, plus wilds and a few more bonuses, on the paytable. The diamond, club, spade, and heart suits are the lowest paying, with a payout of 2-2.5x the stake for five of a kind. After that, we have the premium symbols, which include: knights, teapots, pocket watches, rabbits wearing boxing gloves, and Alice. If you get five of them, you’ll win 3x to 10x your bet. Wilds can substitute for other pay symbols and pay out 15 times the line bet when five appear in a row.

Slot Machine Features from “Alice in Wonderland”

On your travels through Adventureland, keep an eye out for the Rocketkats, Ultrabombs, wild multipliers, and the scatter-collecting Adventure Free Spins.


In both the regular and extra games, reels 2 through 5 will be active whenever the Rocketkat wild appears. The Rocketkat bonus round is triggered when Rocketkat symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. When this occurs, all Rocketkat icons shift as far to the left as they can, upgrading icons at random as they do so. A wild symbol will always be left where a rocketkat was. If you purchase the expansion, wild symbols will multiply by 2, and normal and scatter symbols will turn into wilds. To a maximum of x9, the value of any wilds that are also multipliers is enhanced by a factor of 1. If a win involves more than one multiplier wild, the multipliers will be multiplied together.


In Adventure Free Spins, the Ultrabomb appears numbered on the leftmost reel, while in the Adventure Spin, it appears on reels 1-3. When a Rocketkat emblem is placed above an Ultrabomb, it is triggered. When this occurs, as many symbols as the Ultrabomb shows are leveled up. Similar to Rocketkat upgrades, ordinary cards may turn wild using Ultrabombs, and wild cards can become wild multipliers.

Scenario-Based Free Turns of Adventure

Free games are triggered automatically if three scatter icons appear during the main game. Scatter symbols that appear during free spins are added to a meter, and if a particular threshold is reached, the game’s parameters are altered.

When you have gathered 4 scatters, you have progressed to Level 1. This triggers the aforementioned Ultrabomb feature, which grants an additional +4 free spins.

When 9 scatters are gathered, the player advances to Level 2. Now whenever Rocketkat symbols go, they bring with them improvements.

After 15 scattered symbols have been gathered in Level 3 of the game, the player will be granted an Adventure Spin at the conclusion of the Adventure Free Spins bonus round.

Exciting Loop

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll be rewarded with one free spin and an additional 3-7 Rocketkat symbols and 12 Ultrabombs. In this re-spin, Rocketkats may now go in all five cardinal directions instead of just the left, always enhancing the symbols they land on.

Pay for Extra Turns

If allowed in your region, you can purchase 100 times your total stake in exchange for 10 free spins on the Adventure slot machine.

The Results of Alice’s Gambling Machines

The Alice in Adventureland video game has a lot of heart and several unique features. The lack of an overt Alice theme is both a strength and a weakness of Fantasma’s game. It has a feel more akin to Plunderland than full-on psychedelic experiences. But then again, we’re not in Wonderland but in Adventureland, a Fantasma-made creation where they may do whatever they want with the environment they build. What they’ve gone for isn’t as imaginative as some of their slots may be; two that come to mind that offer a stark contrast and create a rich gaming environment to explore are Serpent Shrine and Twisted Turbine.

But hey, Alice in Adventureland is a respectable substitute for those seeking an Alice-themed slot success. At its best, the reel action required the simultaneous occurrence of a number of features. When the Ultrabomb function was active during the review, the best outcomes happened when waves of Rocketkats upgraded wilds to multiplier wilds. Even if it was difficult to increase the wild multiplier amount over x2 or x3, some spins might nevertheless be thrilling. Even more exciting is the Adventure Spin, although you shouldn’t expect to win with it very frequently. During testing, this phenomenon represented a true unicorn. Unlocking the maximum win potential on Alice in Adventureland would need the use of the coveted Adventure Spin.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a really fantastical slot machine based on the Alice in Wonderland theme, you might want to go elsewhere, because Alice in Adventureland isn’t as out-there or innovative as some of Fantasma’s other offerings. However, it did provide some humorous moments during testing, and there is an intriguing interaction between features that ultimately determined how much fun could be had.

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